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The effect of PAC in purifying sewage from a chemical plant in Changchun is remarkable

A month ago, the company received water samples from a chemical plant in Changchun. The staff of the company's inspection department tested it and found that the effect was best when 28% polyaluminum chloride was used. When the PH value of the sewage was adjusted to about 8, the sewage of the factory could be treated with a single agent.

The chemical plant specializes in the enterprises of carbon nine, carbon ten, cracking, aromatics and other deep processed products. These products have great changes in water quality, low B/C ratio, poor biodegradability, high chromaticity, and more PH value than strong acid or strong alkaline. Before the waste water of the chemical plant is not treated, there is a layer of black silt around the outlet of the pipe, covered with oil patterns, and the water in the whole drain is cloudy and has a lot of foam on the surface, showing a dark yellow. There is a smell of gas in the sewage. After customer feedback, the use of dilo 28% polyaluminium chloride to purify filtered sewage showed that the whole water quality was clear and did not smell as before.

28% the advantages of poly aluminum chloride are as follows: 

1. 28% polyaluminum chloride not only has strong condensation removal effect, but also has obvious decolorization and removal of humus. Under the same treatment conditions, the best flocculation is achieved, and the required dose of polymeric aluminum is much lower than that of conventional aluminum salt. 2/3 is much more than that of traditional aluminum salt. Under the same dose conditions, the use of poly aluminum can obtain the residual turbidity lower than the traditional aluminum salt, thus the same treatment results can be obtained at a lower dose. 

2. In general, the coagulation and turbidity removal efficiency of the traditional coagulant is obviously reduced and the effluent quality is deteriorated when the low temperature water is 5, and the effect of coagulating and removing turbidity can be obtained by using poly aluminum, either at low temperature or at normal temperature. 

In addition, 28% aluminum chloride can obviously improve the efficiency of solid-liquid separation, improve the performance of sedimentation filtration and sludge dewatering, thus shortening the retention time of the sedimentation tank and increasing the water production. In addition, due to the large and dense particles produced by flocculation, it is easy for filtration and sludge dewatering.


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