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Abrasive Material

  • Black Corundum

    Black Corundum

    Supply Cheap Black white Corundum Quotes Purchasing high temperature resistant, thermal steady state performance characteristics.

  • Brown Fused Alumina

    Brown Fused Alumina

    Cheap Brown Fused activated Alumina balls uses Suppliers price Brown fused alumina is manufacturing high temperature refractory and abrasive abrasive as well as the main raw material for sand blasting.

  • Silicon Carbide

    Silicon Carbide

    Supply carborundum Silicon Carbide Suppliers price Silicon carbide superfinishing fine powder is an ideal material to production of silicon carbide ceramics.

  • Carborundum


    Cheap Carborundum universal ltd company profile Suppliers Factory screening and classifying the grinding material hardness, Morse is about 7 to 8 degrees.

  • Garnet Abrasive

    Garnet Abrasive

    High quality Garnet Abrasive, walnut shell abrasive Factory is an island of the structure of the aluminum silicate (ca).

  • Walnut Shell Abrasive

    Walnut Shell Abrasive

    Sales Walnut Shell corn cob carborundum abrasives distributors Company price Walnut shell grain particle size 0.80 1.00 mm, the average compressive strength limit of 0.165 KN (16.84 KGF).

  • Quartz Sand

    Quartz Sand

  • Corn Cob Abrasive

    Corn Cob Abrasive

  • White Corundum

    White Corundum

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