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Corn Cob Abrasive

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Corn Cob Abrasive

Brand :Diluo

Product origin :Henan province ,China

Delivery time :about 10 work days after receiving T/T or L/C at sight

Supply capacity :100,000 tons per year

Corn Cob Abrasive


Corn cob is made from corn cob crushing processing again through strict screening, yellow granular solid, beautiful luster, brownish, organize uniform, suitable hardness, good toughness, water imbibition is strong, wear-resisting performance is good wait for an advantage, in use process is not easy to break.

The ideal vehicle - corn cob series granular powder. Corn cob is granular powder with high quality corn cobs, cream-colored or yellow-brown, is also the replacement of the past all sorts of wheat class granular powder, water cut of 5.0, crude protein, crude fiber, 5.7, the proportion of 0.3- 0.35, adsorption 50-70, is a production of veterinary drugs carrier, carrier is bean cake powder and other alternatives. Mainly for the production of madurai, doxycycline, choline, vitamin, premix and feed additive and so on more than a dozen varieties of veterinary drugs and feed additives. 

It has a lower cost than other carrier, long shelf life, good liquidity, strong water imbibition, good palatability. As a carrier for the corn cob granule powder production of veterinary drugs shelf life for three years for stability, various indexes and microbial indexes meet the domestic and international standards, low cost, good and inexpensive.

Corn Cob Abrasive process 

Grinding soak: choose 100 kg of cod grinding into fine scales, size pea advisable, placed in the water soak 1 ~ 2 hours in the cylinder, make the corn cob crumbs swell, water quantity of 40% or so. After soaking scoop out the blank in the bamboo basket and bundle, reoccupy clear water rinse, the drawer steam after waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall. Drawer steamed, steaming: cap to spread good corn cob soaked in crumbs, covered with a layer of bran and bran, its consumption accounts for about 10% of the billet, saic and steam for about 20 minutes, to stir in 10% of the water in the blank, mix well after another 40 minutes of steaming. Stir in 10% of the cold water again, the purpose to soften billet and steamed steamed.



1, the friction resistance: can be used to wipe, polished, drying of metal or plastic, glass and other products.

2, adsorption, absorption of four times its weight of the liquid, is a development of activated carbon resource. It is used for wet with water absorption of the sports venues, drying, atomic nuclear waste and the absorption of chemical waste, large area water surface oil cleaning.

3, non-toxic, the carrier of vitamin, spices used in the feed industry.

4, chemical stability, it is a kind of very good medicine, chemical carrier.

5, hard and full of elasticity, durable sex, such as rubber, tire industry.

6, biodegradable, will not impact on the environment.


Corn cobs abrasive strength big, wear-resisting compressive strength, strong adsorption capacity, oil immersion, agglomerate, not rot. Mainly used for mould, instrument, electrical, plastic, gold and silver jewelry, metal, glass, glasses, watches, golf clubs, hairpins and buttons, etc. Cleaning and polishing. Widely used for blast cleaning industry, such as paint, rust, chemical materials, such as existence of workpiece surface, has the effect of removing survivor and smooth surface.

1, available extraction of heavy metals from wastewater, it can use it to prevent hot stalloy stick together;

2, can be used in the paper, cement, cement brick production, can use it to glue or paste filling agent;

3, can be used as packaging materials, the manufacture of powder;

4, can be used as rubber additives, manufacture tires to join it, can increase the single brush between tire and ground forces, to increase the effect of traction, prolong the service life of tires;

5, can be used for the dry cleaning industry, with its treated fur is clean and beautiful.

6, can be used as feed premix, methionine, lysine, lysine eggs, betaine, all kinds of mould preparation, fungicide, vitamin, phospholipids, phytase, fragrances and madurai, enzyme and ample enzyme, choline chloride, etc., veterinary medicine additive products, nutritional carrier, can replace powder, it is also one of biological products the main raw material of water mildew fermentation.



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