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Natural Zeolite

  • Natural Zeolite Quotes, High quality zeolite process, zeolite manufacturers, natural zeolite Quotes

Natural Zeolite

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Product origin :Henan province ,China

Delivery time :About 10 work days after receiving T/T or L/C at sight

Supply capacity :100,000 tons per year

High quality Cheap Natural Zeolite process manufacturers Quotes desiccant, catalyst, cement mixed materials, its use is constantly opening up.

Natural Zeolite Quotes, High quality zeolite process, zeolite manufacturers, natural zeolite Quotes

Natural Zeolite Quotes

Natural zeolite is an emerging material, it is widely used in industrial, agricultural, national defense and other fields and is used as ion exchanger, adsorption separation agent, desiccant, catalyst, cement mixed materials, its use is constantly opening up.

 High quality zeolite process

No.1 Application

1)Environmental protection field: Natural zeolite is used to deal with waste gas, waste water removal or recovery of metal ions, the removal of radioactive contaminants in wastewater; gas, liquid purification, separation and storage agent; hard water softening, desalination Special desiccant (dry air, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, etc). 

Advanced absorption of natural zeolite containing a variety of minerals and trace elements, can quickly adsorb water ammonia, nitrite, to remove toxic substances function, and stable PH quality, balanced feeding water, providing fish growth minerals, trace elements , has a strong purifying water function.

2) Agricultural planting field: natural zeolite is used as a soil conditioner in agriculture and can protect fertilizer and water to prevent the role of pests and diseases, improve crop drought, water logging, lodging resistance and other adverse effects, and can effectively inhibit soil harmful bacteria breeding, prevention of soil-borne diseases, cropping and other diseases. 

Natural zeolite is to improve soil structure and soil fertility, beneficial ingredients in the crop root around a large number of breeding, microbial, soil and crop interaction in the best condition, its effective material is conducive to the formation of soil aggregate structure, loose soil, breathable, Water conservation, fertilizer, promote root growth, improve root absorption capacity of nutrients. At the same time can be effectively decomposed by the soil fixed nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other substances into crops and can be directly absorbed by the use of nutrients, improve the effective utilization of fertilizer. 

Natural zeolite can also be used for home flower cultivation matrix, reducing the odor in the flowerpot, its multi-gap feature helps a variety of nutrients in a timely manner, significantly improve the soil water retention and fertilizer capacity, and to prevent the loss of pesticide active ingredients .

3) Livestock Food field: natural zeolite can be used as feed (pig, chicken) additives and deodorants, etc, it can promote animal growth and improve the survival rate of chickens; in aquaculture can be used as fish feed additives, can do fish pond construction materials, water purification; in the production of zeolite is used in the refining of sugar.

4)Industrial production field: natural zeolite is used in the light industry for paper, synthetic rubber, plastics, resins, paint fillers and the quality of color, etc; in defense, space technology, ultra-vacuum technology, energy, electronics industry, As the adsorption material and desiccant; in the building materials industry, the cement used as a hard active admixture, fired artificial lightweight aggregate, the production of lightweight high-strength sheet and brick, for the new wall material(Aerated concrete block).Natural zeolites is used in chemical distillation or heating experiments are often used to prevent the storms, oil refining, chemical cracking, Boiling, zeolite structure which has a large number of small holes can be used as condensation nuclei of the bubble, the reaction fluid to a smooth boiling.

5)Medical care field: natural zeolite in medicine for blood, urine nitrogen determination. In addition natural zeolite has also been developed into health supplies, for anti-aging, removal of heavy metals accumulated in the body.

No.2 Technical indicators of natural zeolite

Analyze the project

Test data

Analyze the project

Test data


1.92 g/cm3



Bulk density




Wear rate




Breaking rate








Mud content








No.3 Activation of zeolite

Natural zeolite can be made through a variety of special process activated zeolite, activated zeolite adsorption performance is stronger than natural zeolite, ion exchange performance is better. Activated zeolite not only remove turbidity, color, smell, and harmful heavy metals from water, but also remove chromium, cadmium, nickel, zinc, mercury, iron and phenol, BHC, DDT, three nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, phosphate ions and other substances. With the exchange of adsorption, it is conducive to the removal of various micro-pollutants and water leaching solution does not contain toxic substances, removal of iron, fluoride effect is more significant. Therefore, activated zeolite is a new ideal filter media for industrial water supply, wastewater treatment and tap water filtration.


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