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White Corundum

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White Corundum

Brand :Diluo

Product origin :Henan province ,China

Delivery time :about 10 work days after receiving T/T or L/C at sight

Supply capacity :100,000 tons per year

White Corundum

White Corundum Introducation

White corundum is ionic crystals, the structure is stable, because often contain trace impurities such as Ti, Fe, Cr, V, and presents the different color, white corundum because of the high purity so white. 

White corundum only so can become very good wear resistant material benefit from his high purity, good acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear resistance of high efficiency, good self-sharpening, good thermal stability, strong grinding ability, high temperature resistant, easy to cut into the workpiece when grinding, physical and chemical properties of calorific value is small. 

Processed white corundum powder into 0 to 1 mm, 1-3 mm, 3-5 mm, 5-8 mm, 8-12 mm several models, it is mainly used for refractory materials, grinding wheel casting.



Chemical indicators

Physical indicators



Knoop hardness




Mos hardness




Bulk density








White corundum is of high quality aluminum oxide powder as raw material, the crystal in a fused, high purity, good self-sharpening, naisuanjian corrosion, high temperature resistant, thermal state performance is stable. Is slightly higher than that of brown fused alumina, white fused alumina hardness toughness slightly low, purity, good self-sharpening, high grinding ability, low calorific value, high efficiency, good thermal stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant. Made with white corundum sand particle size abrasive, suitable for grinding high carbon steel, high speed steel and stainless steel, such as granular abrasive, white corundum can also be used for precision casting and high-grade refractory materials.

Corundum hardness is lower than white corundum, the market price is far lower than the white corundum, in artificial corundum, white corundum price has been on the rise, the use of its range is relatively wide, and in the process of use, performance is very stable. MingYue white corundum, alumina can reach 99%. Quality assured, so more popular with the masses of users.



White corundum are suitable for all kinds of high-end products, technology or beautify processing, hardware and other products surface after sand blasting surface clean without any impurities, cleaning trouble. Fine white corundum can be used for polishing. Also can be used as additive in various products. Sandblasting machine function:

1. Surface processing, metal oxide, carbon black, metallic or non-metallic surface rust removal, such as gravity die casting, rubber mold removal of oxide or mold release agent, ceramic surface spots, glaze color removal, coloured drawing or pattern.

2. Beautify processing: all kinds of gold, K gold jewellery, precious metals products of extinction or fog surface processing, crystal, glass, corrugated, the fog of the force that press a gram etc. Nonmetal surface processing can make the machining surfaces into metallic luster.

3. The etching processing: jade, crystal, agate, semi-precious stones, seal, stone, antiques, marble tombstone, ceramic, wood, bamboo, etc. The etching of the artists.

4. The pretreatment processing: teflon, PU, rubber, plastic coating, rubber roller, electroplating, metal spray welding, plating titanium before processing, increase the surface adhesion.

5. Flash processing: bakelite, plastic, zinc and aluminum die-casting products, electronic components, the flash removal of magnetic core, etc.

6. Stress relieving processing: aerospace, national defense, precision industry parts, rust removal, in addition to paint extinction, refurbishment and other stress relieving treatment.

7. Electronic parts processing, the fog of silicon surface and etching, impurity removal on the back of the wafer, glue of encapsulated electronic components, marking the surface of the finished product, ceramic electric heating of the clean.



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